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Great weekend number two [Mar. 22nd, 2006|04:37 pm]
[Current Mood |busy]

It was another good weekend, on Saturday we (Me, Don, Gord, Chris, Shan and Soph) had some BBQ for dinner, afterwards we watched some Smallville and then played a few board games. Then we went out for coffee and there after a few we decided to go back and have some drinks. We managed to get Gord drunk (took him 10 shots) and listened to him all night gives us an up to the minute play by play on how everything was slowly becoming impared. That was amusing.

Sunday, I woke up late and went out for coffee with Deb. We continued our conversation with a walk around the mall and after we went back to Chris/Mark's home. There me, Don, Chris, Mark, Deb and Shan hung out for a bit waiting for Mikey to come down and meet us for dinner at The Whistling Walrus. Chris and I noticed the Guinness was a bit stale tasting; but the walrus tusks are awesome. While waiting for the main course we split up Gord's "estate" in Warcraft amongst ourselves like greedy in-laws since he is no longer playing the game. Dinner was fun (and tasty) went back to Mark's to hang out a bit longer and that completed another great and entertaining weekend with food friends and fun.

- - -

F1 in Malaysia saw Ferrari finish 5th and 6th. Not bad, but we could do better. This does however place us tied for second in the constructors championship. Massa needs to get his shit together because for a supporting role on the team he's not doing very good at all and it is costing Ferrari points.
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2006|01:55 pm]
Yesterday was the opening of the new F1 season. Ferrari got pole and placed second, I think this season will be a close one a lot of teams look fast and the new livery for McLaren looks sharp.

Saturday was fun, Went out to dinner with Chris, Gord and Soph. Afterwards We went back to Chris' and met up with Don, Shan and Mark and we sat around had a few drinks and hung out for the rest of the night talking, watching movies and playing games. It was really good. It has been a while since I hung out with most of the gang and had a few drinks. Then again, I don't think we're that much of a drinking crowd.

Good times.
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I'm up way to early. [Mar. 7th, 2006|07:05 am]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]
[Current Music |HIM - Drunk On Shadows]

A week into March and nothing truely of importance I need to bother about. Well, My brother's bday - but fuck him. St. Patrick's Day, I think this year I'll let it slide and let the posers crawl out of the wooodwork, fuck'em. Only thing I got to make time for is renewing my drivers licence, other than that I can sit back and enjoy an insignificant month.

Formula One and Moto GP start in a few days. Time to reclaim a title (and give me something to watch on Sunday). Speaking of automotive stuff, I made the last day for the Autoshow this year. I got to see a Ferrari F430. That car is smooth looking. I've always liked how they showcased the engine on Ferraris. Some nice tail walking around that place and I only managed to make a tiny bit of an ass of myself once... well ok, twice. I sat inside one of those Smart cars. I had to, and sitting inside there I noticed two things right away 1. it's deceptiviely roomy inside 2. they cut corners. I don't feel safe in that car, I'd never take it on the highway. There is no glove compartment, just plastic groves spaced under the dash, like change slots. The visor is half the size of a normal one and made of plastic...complete with vanity mirror - again half the size of a normal one. The visibility checking blind spots is tight and you can reach under the steering column and grab a handful of wires. Like older Jeeps, thus making it very easy to hot wire. I also got myself a 1/12 scale of Valentino Rossi's Yamaha. I don't really have the shelf room for it, so I shouldn't have bought it. But I figured what the hell. It's well done with good detail.

Saturday's Fightin & Killin' was pretty good. Deb made brownies that were light, so you can eat a pile of them and not feel heavy... so I ate a pile of them (well maybe about 20 of them). I'm sure everyone would like to think I ate them all but c'mon we all know Shan helped out on that. But having the whole gang all together, bouncing jokes off one another and hanging out was a blast. The PPV was a Canada vs. USA. Canadian fighters won most of the matches, fuck the yanks. Some nice striking and a good amount of blood, all in all the PPV wasn't bad at all.

As for Mikey liking his episode of Smallville, told ya nipple tweek, that show is fuckin' good so burn to you and your neigh saying. Man, I'm up to early.
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(no subject) [Feb. 24th, 2006|12:59 pm]
Well, I have reached a resolve towards my previous bout of conscious (thanks again for the talk guys). So I can wash it away from my mind and continue onward.

I received an e-mail from my uncle yesterday, business is slow so that's not good news for me but what was strange was that piece of information was near the end of the letter, I was reading through this big shakedown on how so and so just got this and who I'm assuming is a cousin of mine bought a used Volvo 2000cc injected...yeah, exactly, whatever that means. I was at first thinking he sent it to the wrong person and was meant for my dad, but no it was meant for me. I think I must have left an impression on the phone around Christmas because I don't know the people he talks about, I've never met half of them so really, I can't help but have a big margin of "I don't give a shit". It was almost like sitting on a bus and someone you see on the bus once in awhile, who never talks, sits down and starts talking to you telling you about their life. So, I just finished a reply filled with feint interest and buffed it with equally trivial events with our family. It's strange for me because I'm not a fan of being insincere or pretentious. I'd rather say nothing then say something without honest interest, but I suppose I may have opened a can of worms in this case. Oh well...still, what the hell is a 2000cc injected?
Anyway, weird family and looks like I just wasted my lunch time. I'm out.

(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2006|11:16 am]
[Current Mood |pensivepensive]
[Current Music |HIM - Vampire Heart]

I have been spending some time with my friend who I had a falling out with a few months back. We've moved past the incident that launched it and contently things are pretty much back in the more normal swing of things. Part of our normal discourse is them telling me about all the people that come and go in their life and how they have mistreated them. They talk and I listen (the standard roles), don't get me wrong, I don't mind it in the least, I mean I'm their friend that's what I'm there for. To listen, to care and ultimately (if it's within my means) to try and help as best as I can. Our last get together they had been telling me about someone who had been their friend. This person would be nice to their face, but would trash talk about them whenever the opportunity presented itself. They would call my friend and make plans when their own stuff fell through and if someone else called they would cancel last second on my friend without any thought and go off and do something else. Just things like that that were disrespectful and selfish and when this person had no "need" for my friend at the moment they just treated them in a mediocre fashion. Basically this person is an asshole. But what I think is different is that, before I would feel like I was always on the side lines listening to these stories about how people they once called friends walk over them and (thankfully)I could never truly relate to them. I always thought I was pretty good at surrounding myself with good people and being able to make the wise decisions to pick people of worth to be the people I can trust and open up to and with pride to call these people my friends. I suppose that even when you think you're making a good choice, once in a while someone who you thought was a friend will slip through the cracks and treat you like garbage, thus ultimately showing their true colours. Just like my friend here and for the first time I can honestly relate to my friend in this.
I just don't know if I should feel disappointed or not. The fact that I've had a similar experience and I can no longer just speculate on how it must feel, but really know what it actually feels like and in that I can finally understand where they are coming from much better and because I can sympathise more clearly, I can then advise them better and be able to help them work through it, ultimately doing my job as a friend much better. In light of that line of thought a part of me should feel some sort of complacency in being able to connect more so with my friend. But that feeling is diluted with disappointment due to the way in how I can relate more to them. I don't know... hearing their horror stories and in some occasions seeing proof of it myself, I never thought based on the people I trust around me that I would ever have to experience that for myself. It's just not a predominately good feeling being on level with someone (friend or otherwise) who had been walked on by others they trusted as a friends.
I can't help walk around feeling a little put off, all I can tell them is to take the time to reflect and then when they are ready just say their final piece, let them know where you stand and walk away... hmm, maybe I should take my own advice... but anyway, back to the point, I sort of feel bad by admittedly feeling a little disgusted in the way on how I can further relate to a friend, I begin to wonder does me feeling that margin of disappointment make me a poor friend/person? I don't know, maybe I'm over thinking this.
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Sam Wheat! [Feb. 7th, 2006|04:02 pm]
Yesterday was a bit weird for me. I walked into the kitchen where my mom was sitting in a pout. Before I could ask her what's wrong, she volunteers the information and tells me that her and her stupid friend booked a session with a psychic. I started laughing and then she said her friend couldn't make it and needs someone to go with her. I stopped laughing. See, she is those types of people who come to a complete halt when things don't go there way and will not resume in the slightest until it picks up in the manner they themselves have planned. Y'know spoiled and stubborn. So anyway, after saying no a few times I found myself in this psychic's sitting room waiting on our turn. My mother telling me this woman is good and how so and so went and this came true and blah blah blah. I'm just nodding my head thinking about waiting in the car.
We are called in and we are seated at this medium sized table. No crystal ball in the center but she did have crystals and other weird shit around the room that probably have retarded mystical properties that aid little Miss. Oracle in her "powers". She comes in and greets us both and sits down at the table with us. She introduces herself and tells us what is on the menu all the while I'm sitting there with my arms crossed and a look on my face as if to say this is such bullshit - the kind of attitude you have when you swagger into a haunted house at some amusement park. She takes out tarot cards and places them on the table. She looks directly at me and goes "if you don't mind I would like to start with your son." The look she gave me though when she said it made me a bit uncomfortable. So she takes my palm, looks at it and starts telling me some shit about me. I was surprised a bit that she was right on a few things. But during the card dealies she tells me that I have a dark cloud over me, she kind of talked like a horoscope... vague like. She also said something like I'm going to leave this world in the near future. I stop her right there and asked her "so, what does that mean?" Then my mom pokes me in the ribs because I'm questioning her shit. But the lady says that I'll be involved in a tragedy. I challenge her again with a question on details, like exact time and place but she says by my thirties but I can change it if I avoid certain forms of transportation. Like, I shouldn't get on trains or buses and be very cautious in and around automobiles. I nod my head with a cocky grin on my face although in the back of my head I'm mulling it over. So it's my moms turn and she tells me to wait outside while she has her done. My mom opted to have her session taped, I didn't cause I did not want my mom to give this person anymore money then she had to. So, I passed on the taping of it at the start. I go outside into the waiting area thinking about all the stuff she said to me, but hanging on to the bit about me dying young. I don't think I would have entertained it as much if I hadn't been told similar stuff by other "psychics" - yes, I grudgingly admit (albeit kicking and screaming) I've been dragged to a few of these things before when I was younger. But the amount of times I've dodged that bullet, I think I can afford to be cocky. I mean really, what am I suppose to do? Take a leer jet to the corner store? hah crazy bitch. Or lock myself up in a bubble? Fuck that, after my mom was done I was going to drive to Ancaster to see a woman about her vagina.
Here is the weird part of it all, I'm driving home and I'm on the link, snow is coming down a bit more now and I get cut off twice by assholes and nearly forced onto the shoulder once by a truck. That gave me a bit of the willies. But again, fuck them I'm not jumping at my own shadow because a few loonies have the luxury of coincidence in their predictions about me. Well, that's the only interesting thing that happened yesterday.
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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2006|03:47 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |HIM - Vampire Heart]

Soon Formula One season will start, as well as Moto GP. I've been bored of Sunday television with no decent sports on (that we can get). Last season I had seen Ferrari become stripped of their championship title and scraping a humble third in the constructors championship. Now this year they are changing the power plants, from 3 litre V10, to a 2.4litre V8. A lot of the teams are sweating this one out, but I'm not worried about Ferrari.

Who has one of the best V8 sports cars in the world? Ferrari. So since they have proven they have the performance/reliability on the road, I'm confident they will prove they have the same formula to successfully make the transition of their road car success to the race track (Le Mans not withstanding). But to see their V8 technology ahead of the curb on the F1 circuit. I've been reading nothing but good things about the new Ferrari 248 (their 2006 challenger). My team will be champions once again.
In Moto GP, Yamaha seem to have impressed their star rider Valentino Rossi (a.k.a Curious George) with the 2006 YZR M1. Of course they are still improving the bike during the pre-season testing. I think Honda will be hard pressed to scoop all three championships this year. So, I think it will be another good year for Yamaha.
_ _ _ _ _

I managed to score some pills to make me sleep, only a few. I think the worse thing about them is trying to wake up while they are still in effect. I'm also starting to get my flexibility back to what it was (or close to). Thank god for muscle memory or I think I would have pulled a lot of shit by now.

This morning, I was woken quite early by Hamilton waterworks. Of course I answered the door in my underwear, then they asked me if I could move our car on the side of the road, the one that was stolen. So, I reach into my moms coat hanging up beside me for keys and walked out into the street. Two things I noticed, first thing I noticed, it wasn't that cold out and the second thing I noticed, I don't think I have ever sat in a car in my underwear. I get in the car and noticed the ignition was still bashed in, so I pop the truck grab a screw driver and jam it in. I turn the key and nothing. The car is completely dead. So, standing in the street wearing nothing by my undies I'm explaining to this work crew that the battery is dead and the ignition column is knackered due to theft. So they were nice enough to have given me time to move it by tomorrow. Which is good cause now my dad can deal with it. Walking back inside I noticed spray painted lines on the edge of my lawn. That's bad cause that means they are going to be digging and fucking about in front of our house - more importantly in front of my bedroom and that shit will wake me up, I know it. Tried to get back to sleep after, but I couldn't, all that fresh air woke me up completely. I hate that. Now I was up earlier than I needed to be.

Anyway, the days never ending - massa got me workin'
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(no subject) [Jan. 30th, 2006|08:27 am]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[Current Music |HIM - The Cage]

Center Mall is fast becoming such a dirt mall. I was in there a few days ago, a lot has changed and a lot is missing. Oddly enough the busiest section is the food court. Come to Center Mall...and eat. That place sucks.

On the weekend I went out to dinner for Gord's birthday. Earlier that day I had about 2 hours of sleep and then worked all morning chucking rocks and mounds of dirt/clay from his house. It irritated my neck afterwards, because it still isn't fully healed and left my eyes dry from the concrete dust that had been kicked up. After I got home I was physically tired and sore, I had a shower and something quick to eat. No time to sit down, I figured if I kept moving I'll get a burst of energy and I can pull through the evening. Wrong. I arrive at Don's house I'm going off about something, making Don and Shan laugh – I can't remember what I was saying but at one point I sit down and I can feel myself burning up with a fever, my face was flush and my skin was hot to the touch. We start the drive over and I'm drifting in and out. I get that burst of energy half way through the car ride and as we get to Mike and Deb's home I feel it draining away on me. Dinner I was a total space case. It took a lot of concentration to keep my eyes open and attempt to pay attention to the table conversation. If I wasn't so hot and stuffy I probably would have fallen asleep at the table. So, I'm thinking to myself, ok we'll go back and play games, which will wake me up. Wrong. As soon as I hit that couch I surrendered to my want for sleep. I was out like a light. Last thing I remember is closing my eyes as we played a game and then waking up to push away a toy monkey that was shoved in my face. Then fully intending to stay awake and alert this time, I settle back down and I was out like a light once again. I wake up and the game is over and everyone is watching a movie. Then I was told about them taking a picture of me sleeping with the toy monkey, I must have fallen asleep with it beside me and mistook it for a pillow, in any case I was given the picture of me looking like a sissy sleeping with a toy animal. After my nap, I was still real tired, but I managed to stay conscious for the rest of the evening. When I got home exhaustion overruled me and I fell asleep for a good period of time.
I sort of feel bad for falling asleep, but I just could not help myself. The night before I just couldn't sleep, for the past couple of days my sleep has been weak. I don't why, I think I'm bothered by something but can't place my finger on it. I might have to bug my mom to score me some sleeping pills from her work. But I'm hesitant because a few months ago I was sort of hooked on them, I could not sleep unless I took them. It got to the point I was taking out supplies that were supposed to have lasted me two and a half weeks - in a single week. I remember some nights taking three so I don't wake up for a long time. It has only been a short while since I cut myself off of them and actually got some sleep on my own. But, regrettably, I may have to take them again cause this lack of sleep is really wearing on me and I find myself getting pissed off in the middle of the night that I'm still awake.

I want to sleep now, but I gotta work...boo. Maybe I'll be able to sneak in a nap later today.
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part two [Jan. 27th, 2006|02:18 pm]
As I mentioned before, I've been quite busy with stuff that I have been pushing back things on my to do list further and further down. Stuff I've been meaning to tackle for weeks. If I'm not doing the norm, what ever free or "me" time I have had lately I've been buried in books instead of dealing with stuff that has been waiting to be dealt with for some time. But I've finished one of the books I've been reading so now I got some room.

- - -

Awhile back I scored some tickets to be part of a focus group for television, brought Mark, Deb with me...unfortunately Mike couldn't make it. It was an experience. I've seen a few good movies over the past bit. Had coffee with Deb a few times, we went to a mall and window shopped. I haven't done that in years. Go to mall just to look around, surprisingly for me it was fun. Like looking at clothes, furniture and other house accessories etc. Talking and browsing, it was good. Starting to play more warcraft again since I got some of my valour armour, I had been slacking on it since there is not much for a lvl 60 to do but raid and battleground. Also got my first threat of being reported to blizzard for the month...keeping up my standard of being reported at least twice a month since I got the game. What can I say? there are some things I don't tolerate with other players. All they can do is bitch and moan to blizzard. /gurn to them.

- - -

I got Don hooked on Smallville, can you taste that Mike? Ha-ha. I had been gushing over this show since I got hooked on it, telling Don all the cool things that go on in it and one day he goes to me "I bought the first season of Smallville". So we watch together, make jokes and eat semi-crap food. It's a great show if you know of Superman and what he becomes. Not to mention Kristen Kruek and Alison Mack are stupid cute, that doesn't hurt the show at all either.

- - -

I find that cutting someone a CD of one of your favourite bands is a bit more challenging that tossing a quick compilation together for a long car ride or something of that sort. You want the person to like the band, at the same time try to cater to their taste and not so much what you like. Finding that balance. But I think I pulled it off, hope I've chosen the right songs to get them hooked.

i'm out.
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I'm back. [Jan. 26th, 2006|11:58 am]
[Current Mood |busy]
[Current Music |HIM - Bury Me Deep Inside Your Arms]

Well, I am alive and kicking for those who have not seen or heard from me in a bit. A lot of things have happen, been very busy and not managing my time very well because of it. Things keep getting pushed back on my "to do list". Let's see, if you recall a while back I was almost pegged by a falling tree one very windy day, well its "twin" decided to give out and fall too. But it fell on the house. A few days after a loud bang I was walking home and noticed a gap in our tree line, looking further ahead I noticed the fallen tree lying across over our shed stretching further to lay across our roof so that a few feet of the tree top peaked at the top edge of the house, so triangle roof and tree laying on one side of it. I spent a clear morning climbing on top of the roof and cutting a few branches here and there so as to not put out any windows when I pull the fucker down also to inspect the roof for damages (there were none). I realized undertaking this task mid way through that I have been too passive on my stretching. I stood on top of the shed and cut the trunk of the tree at a point to allow the top half to go with momentum and slide down the roof and fall to the side of the house. I miscalculated, the rest of the tree slid at me, not away so I dug my heels in and held it at bay manoeuvring it to slide the way I wanted it to. So it falls to he side of the house, step two was to take the remaining tree trunk and heave it behind the shed and out of the way. I miscalculated again, I cut to high up, so that when I tucked my shoulder under it and squat the thing up and over my head to toss it fell and wedged itself between the wall of the house and its breaking point. Blocking the passage between shed and house. Can't have that, so standing on the shed, I lean over the gap between the shed and house (about a four foot gap) using my right arm to hold myself on the edge of the shed. I reach down with my left arm grabbing a branch on the trunk trying to dislodge it. It was stuck pretty good, so I get a firm grip on a thick branch, secure my balance and stretching down with my left arm, I managed to curl this tree trunk up to my chest and throwing it aside (to give an idea it was about 10-12feet in length and easily 90-100lbs...believe me, the fucker was heavy). Feeling impressed with myself I hop down off the shed and there it was. From the vibration of the jump a sharp jolt of pain in my neck. What happen was I pulled a small muscle in the back of my neck lifting that trunk - lesson, I need to stretch more. The pain now is almost completely gone and healed, I still feel it a bit if I turn my head too fast but on the bright side of that situation it is good to see the other affects (apart from the obvious cosmetic affects) of staying with a workout program. I didn't pay much attention to it at the time, but now I do notice myself getting stronger, I mean for the last little bit I have been bench pressing 40lbs above my weight for a regular set/routine (160lbs for those who are curious) when a long time a go that was my limit. I think I could do more if I pushed...but then again, I'm not going to attempt anymore than that with my necked a bit messed up still. In any case, lesson learned and I'm going to pay more attention to stretching again, I'm a shameful martial artist for slacking this much on it in the first place.

I realise that this is getting long and I got shit to do, so I'll update again later to fill in the gaps.
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