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[Mar. 28th, 2006|08:08 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Jason Mraz - Plane]

Saturday started out crappy, but it panned out for the better the rest of the evening. Shan tried her hand a cooking the dinner for us that day, with Deb supervising. All in all she did pretty good. Sunday the power went out on our house, due to retards - so I slept in way past the time I set my alarm. That really sucked 'cause I was suppose to meet up with Don earlier in the day and ended up meeting him later in the day. However, we did manage to sneak in an episode of Smallville before we moved on to other activities.
Considering I started both days this weekend pissed off, it turned out to be a decent week hanging out with the gang.

- - -

A little while ago I took a page from someone I knew and used to talk to who was good at writing and expressing a part of themselves with poetry, so then I tried my hand at it and began to write poems to sort out muddled emotions that were hard to bottle. For the most part it helped to define what I felt and I used to get good feedback from them. So, I kept it up – I still write today and as I look back at when I first started I feel I've gotten better. Thing is that now I'm sitting on a small pile of poems and I am mulling over the idea to possibly create another account and post them for people (who I know) to read. Maybe even submit them to forums for the people who appreciate and understand poetry as well. I'm still thinking about it, but I may just do so.

- - -

I watched the opening race of Moto GP Monday evening, not a good day for Yamaha. Rossi crashed in the first corner and Ducati took the win followed by two Hondas. Even though Rossi was able to get back on his bike, he finished out the race instead of calling it quits when so many others would have in that position simply because they wouldn't get the points. That to me is a classy move. People pay to see him race and that he did regardless of making it to the podium. Good on "Curious George".

[User Picture]From: asianturtle
2006-03-28 03:40 pm (UTC)
Well.. I'm glad the weekend was all for not. I'm sure in the future, Shannon will be cooking more and without my supervision. But it was great! Good job for Shannon!
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